Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leather Trim Skirt


The leather pieces I bought for my last project inspired me to make something else. I found a bright green fabric at the local store and decided to make a skirt.
Here it goes, if you like it, leave your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut 2 pieces from the leather, for the band. Measure your waist, add 2 inches for seam allowances, and each piece should be half that measurement with a little curve, so it fits close to the body.

 Cut 2 rectangles for the skirt. About twice as wide as the leather bands. Cut one of them in half, to add a zipper in the back.
You will have 3 panels total, one twice as wide as the other two. The length should be what you want the skirt to be, plus about 3 inches for hemming.

Gather the top of each panel.

Sew the leather bands to the fabric, right sides together, the convex side of the curve goes to the fabric.

Sew the sides with right sides together.
And Sew the back center seam from the bottom to where the zipper will stop. Mine is 7 inches. I placed an exposed zipper because I like the look.

Pin the zipper in place and sew. 
You can turn the upper ends of the zipper to the inside of the skirt and sew, and leave the leather edge raw.  I cut bands from the fabric and made a facing. 
Sew the facing to the leather band, right sides together.
Turn to the inside and sew in place.  
Hem your skirt and you are ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is how it looks with the edge left raw.

 This is with facing.

 Leave your comment and let me know if you have any other ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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