Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Maternity Jeans (from regular jeans)

 13 weeks, and my clothes don't fit at all. I took my scissors to an old pair of jeans to fashion a quick pair of maternity jeans to wear now, and probably for another few months. It was really easy, and it beats the  hefty price tag of maternity stores. Here it goes.

What you need:
pair of jeans
 T shirt
Wide elastic. I used 3 inch wide elastic. This will keep your pants up in place.

First, put the pants on, and check where you want the elastic panel to start. This is as far as it will zip for me, so that is where I will cut them.  You will need 0.5 inch for seam allowance.

Mark a line, curving down, where you want them cut. 

Pin the pockets in place, cut the band on the back and cut along the mark on the front.  Remove the belt tabs.  Remove the zipper as well, since you don't need it, and it adds bulk.

                       Sew the fly closed, and the top of the pockets, where they were pinned.

Now for the knit band. Cut the bottom front of the t shirt in a curve, just like the front of the jeans.

Cut below the sleeves. You need this long, because it will be folded over.

Measure the elastic. I needed 35 inches, to fit where you cut the jeans. Measure around the upper part of your hips.  Sew the ends together to form a loop. 

Now make a sandwich. Jeans right side out, Tshirt right side facing the right side of the jeans, elastic outside Tshirt. Pin in place, making sure that the elastic is even throughout.  You can pin in the center front and back first, then both sides.

                                       Sew with a 0.5 inch seam allowance, catching all layers.

                                              This is how it looks from the right side.

 Fold the band over to the inside and pin in place.  From the right side, sew close to the ditch. And That's all it takes!!!!!!!

                                          You can wear it all the way up, or folded down.

                               Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bright Color Wide Leg Trousers

 Fall is here!!!!!!  Wide leg pants and bright colors are major trends. I made a pair of cobalt blue wide leg pants to try the trend. This is an easy pattern to sew, Vogue 8751.  It has some variations, including the option to sew a cuffed hem, and double loops for a belt.   The fabric is some kind of silky synthetic material. They fit really well! I think the skinny pink belt makes the look modern.

I might try to make them in a neutral color as well.  How are you going to style yours?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY insulated snack pouch

I have been searching for a small insulated snack pouch, to carry in my purse, for a long time, and couldn't find any, so I decided to do it myself.  A half melted cheese stick is not very appetizing, hence the need to make it so it can keep cool snacks at an adequate temperature. I found neoprene fabric at Joann. That is the fabric used to make wetsuits, and I have seen some lunch bags made in this material.

Pretty much self explanatory. Cut a rectangle, sew the sides, add velcro, trim with pretty ribbon, all done, instant gratification!!!!!!!! No more excuses to not carry healthy snacks around.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Swimming with finned angels!!!

I haven't had time for any projects lately, sin the last 2 weeks have been busy at work, busy as in 18 hr days, surgery after surgery.
I have been in Florida for a short vacation for the last 2 days, hitting the beach. Today the most magical thing happened. While watching a manatee come up to the surface for air, a dolphin came swimming behind and around me, then came in front of me, turned on his back to look at me, and took my hand in it's mouth, ever so gently!!!! I was terrified for a minute, and it swam around about 5 times. It came up to me three more times, I dared to touch it's head once, it was amazing!!!!!! It's eyes were so kind!!!!!!!
I'm in love, for ever,let's keep our planet healthy, so this precious wildlife can amaze us with their beauty for ever.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY Kimono style top, jacket

On a recent shopping trip I spotted a very cute kimono jacket. Soft, drapey, perfect to wear with jeans and a tank top. The Winter Kate kimono was beautiful, but pricey. I decided to give it a try and DIY.

I made the pattern by copying a blouse with a loose fit.

Trace the shape, adding seam allowances. You only have to trace half the pattern, since the fabric is cut on the fold.

Trace the shape for the front and the neck at the back.

Extend the front as shown, and also extend the sleeve for about 1 inch.

You want to add a rectangle of fabric to make a wide sleeve, so cut a rectangle, the same width of the sleeve, and about 8 inches long. You are going to place this rectangle on the fold of the fabric, to have the whole sleeve.

 Cut one back on the fold, two fronts, and 2 sleeves on the fold.

You also need to cut 4 fabric strips, tha same shape of the front, the same length, but only 2.5 inches wide.
Cut two  2.5 inch strips,  the same shape as the back neck.

This are all the pieces. Time to sew!
Sew the shoulder seams with right sides together.

 Fold the sleeves in half lengthwise, also mark the center of the sleeve. Pin the sleeves to the right side of the kimono. Match the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam. Sew.

 Looks cute already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now with right sides together sew the sides from the sleeves to the bottom.

With right sides together, sew the front bands to the back neck band.

 Do this for both sets, since there are 2 sets. Afterwards, with right sides together, sew the front edge  .

Turn the right side out, and pin to the right side of the front of the Kimono. Sew.

Hem the jacket, and you are done!!!!!!!!!!! I made a sash to go with it, but it looks cute left open too.

Leave your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!