Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Neon shoes


All I see online is neon, neon, neon, but it is almost impossible to find a cute pair of neon yellow shoes at an affordable price.  I took a pair of shoes that I have never worn but have kept for over a year and painted them neon yellow. It was relatively easy, I used regular spray paint and after wearing them they cracked a little, but it is not very noticeable. Leather paint would be best, but I can't find that anywhere.

You need:
a pair of shoes that you don't mind ruining
white spray primer or paint ( it makes the neon look brighter)
neon spray paint of your choice
rubbing alcohol
clear paint to seal the color.

First, use alcohol to rub off the shinny finish on your shoes.

Use tape to mask everything you don't want painted.

 Prepare a well ventilated area, outdoors is better.
I use a cardboard box sideways and newspaper, so the paint doesn't fly everywhere.
Spray the shoes with thin coats, so the paint doesn't drip. I used about 4 coats of primer, very light.
Let it dry and when dry , spray thin light coats of the neon color until evenly coated. Remove the tape before the paint is dry, to avoid peeling of the paint.  Finish with a clear coat and let dry for 24 hours

Let dry for 24 hours,

Wear proudly!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with peanut dipping sauce.......

It's already getting hot in Arizona, and I wanted to treat my hubby to something fresh and flavorful.   He loves spring rolls. This is my version, with a spicy peanut sauce.  Be patient rolling this, once you get the hang of it it is really easy. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Spring roll papers
rice noodles
veggies, I use carrots, bell peppers, basil, and green onion
crushed peanuts
imitation crab meat sticks, if you want variety, it looks pretty too!

For the sauce:
peanut butter about 2 tablespoons
hot sauce to taste
hoisin sauce about 4 tablespoons
garlic, 1 clove crushed
ginger about 1 teaspoon, fresh is best
water about 4 tablespoons,
Mix everything well until blended. 

Cook the rice noodles as per package  directions. Save the hot water to soak the rice papers.

Soak the rice papers one by one, you will soak the paper, make the roll, soak the next one, etc. Do not let go of the paper or you will loose it!
Place the soaked paper on a plate, arrange the ingredients and roll as in the pictures. I show shrimp , but also you can use imitation or real crab.  Do not overstuff, serve with the dipping sauce. Make many, they keep in the fridge well.