DIY Alice + Olivia Inspired Peplum Top

Have you seen the SS 11 Alice and Olivia peplum top? It is a gorgeous knit top, black and white striped fabric, and they also made a solid color one, I believe in white or coral pink. Hefty price tag of $200.00.
I decided to give it a try and DIY!!!!!!!! Here is the tutorial.

It was mission impossible to find a black and white striped jersey or knit,  and I found this synthetic fabric, that is stretchy, in my local fabric store. For the pattern, I took an old T shirt that fits well, but that its useful life is over, and cut it at the seams, that gave me a perfect pattern.

 Fold the pattern pieces in the middle, and cut on the fold, adding seam allowances of 0.5 inch or so. Align the stripes on both pattern pieces, back and front, at the underarm seam, so the stripes match when you sew it.
Cut a front neck facing and a back neck facing. It should be about 1.5 inches wide, and it should follow the contour of the neck.

Sew the side seams, shoulder seams, and sew the sleeves short end. Set the sleeves and sew.

The peplum is cut like a circle. The small circle's circumference is the measurement of the top at the waist, For mine it was 32 inches. Use a compass to draw this circle. If you don't have a compass, like me, you need to calculate the radius of the circle, to use a string to trace it, use an internet calculator, or good old math. mine was about 5.4 inches. Cut a string with your measurement, attach one end to a stick, another to a marking pen, using adhesive tape. Pivot the stick in the center of the fold, and trace the half circle. Mark the center. For the outside cut, add about 8 inches to the string, and repeat. Cut out the circle. It looks like a doughnut.

 With right sides together, pin the peplum to the top, at the level where you want it to be. Match the center of the circle to the center back and the center front.  My top was cut long, to allow for adjustment, so I cut the excess fabric.
Sew the peplum in place.

Sew the short sides of the neck facings together, pin it to the top with right sides together, and sew. 

 Top stitch in place from the right side.

 Hem the peplum, and the sleeves, and wear proudly!!!!!!!! Now I just need a cute skirt to go with it!

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