Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIY Kimono style top, jacket

On a recent shopping trip I spotted a very cute kimono jacket. Soft, drapey, perfect to wear with jeans and a tank top. The Winter Kate kimono was beautiful, but pricey. I decided to give it a try and DIY.

I made the pattern by copying a blouse with a loose fit.

Trace the shape, adding seam allowances. You only have to trace half the pattern, since the fabric is cut on the fold.

Trace the shape for the front and the neck at the back.

Extend the front as shown, and also extend the sleeve for about 1 inch.

You want to add a rectangle of fabric to make a wide sleeve, so cut a rectangle, the same width of the sleeve, and about 8 inches long. You are going to place this rectangle on the fold of the fabric, to have the whole sleeve.

 Cut one back on the fold, two fronts, and 2 sleeves on the fold.

You also need to cut 4 fabric strips, tha same shape of the front, the same length, but only 2.5 inches wide.
Cut two  2.5 inch strips,  the same shape as the back neck.

This are all the pieces. Time to sew!
Sew the shoulder seams with right sides together.

 Fold the sleeves in half lengthwise, also mark the center of the sleeve. Pin the sleeves to the right side of the kimono. Match the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam. Sew.

 Looks cute already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now with right sides together sew the sides from the sleeves to the bottom.

With right sides together, sew the front bands to the back neck band.

 Do this for both sets, since there are 2 sets. Afterwards, with right sides together, sew the front edge  .

Turn the right side out, and pin to the right side of the front of the Kimono. Sew.

Hem the jacket, and you are done!!!!!!!!!!! I made a sash to go with it, but it looks cute left open too.

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  1. Good job! It looks great and it's awesome for this hot weather.

  2. Just what I have been searching for so glad I did not use my beautiful fabric for anything else. Nice easy tutorial. Thank You so much for sharing.