Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Maternity Jeans (from regular jeans)

 13 weeks, and my clothes don't fit at all. I took my scissors to an old pair of jeans to fashion a quick pair of maternity jeans to wear now, and probably for another few months. It was really easy, and it beats the  hefty price tag of maternity stores. Here it goes.

What you need:
pair of jeans
 T shirt
Wide elastic. I used 3 inch wide elastic. This will keep your pants up in place.

First, put the pants on, and check where you want the elastic panel to start. This is as far as it will zip for me, so that is where I will cut them.  You will need 0.5 inch for seam allowance.

Mark a line, curving down, where you want them cut. 

Pin the pockets in place, cut the band on the back and cut along the mark on the front.  Remove the belt tabs.  Remove the zipper as well, since you don't need it, and it adds bulk.

                       Sew the fly closed, and the top of the pockets, where they were pinned.

Now for the knit band. Cut the bottom front of the t shirt in a curve, just like the front of the jeans.

Cut below the sleeves. You need this long, because it will be folded over.

Measure the elastic. I needed 35 inches, to fit where you cut the jeans. Measure around the upper part of your hips.  Sew the ends together to form a loop. 

Now make a sandwich. Jeans right side out, Tshirt right side facing the right side of the jeans, elastic outside Tshirt. Pin in place, making sure that the elastic is even throughout.  You can pin in the center front and back first, then both sides.

                                       Sew with a 0.5 inch seam allowance, catching all layers.

                                              This is how it looks from the right side.

 Fold the band over to the inside and pin in place.  From the right side, sew close to the ditch. And That's all it takes!!!!!!!

                                          You can wear it all the way up, or folded down.

                               Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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