Friday, July 29, 2011

Swimming with finned angels!!!

I haven't had time for any projects lately, sin the last 2 weeks have been busy at work, busy as in 18 hr days, surgery after surgery.
I have been in Florida for a short vacation for the last 2 days, hitting the beach. Today the most magical thing happened. While watching a manatee come up to the surface for air, a dolphin came swimming behind and around me, then came in front of me, turned on his back to look at me, and took my hand in it's mouth, ever so gently!!!! I was terrified for a minute, and it swam around about 5 times. It came up to me three more times, I dared to touch it's head once, it was amazing!!!!!! It's eyes were so kind!!!!!!!
I'm in love, for ever,let's keep our planet healthy, so this precious wildlife can amaze us with their beauty for ever.

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