Friday, January 27, 2012


I was certain that my baby was a girl, looked like a girl in every ultrasound up to two weeks ago, when he finally decided to show us good!!! I wanted a pink jungle nursery, so I made this elephants for the wall, I guess now I have to make them again in blue!!!!!
I hope you like this easy project. 

You need fabric and a wood stretcher. I used an old picture and ripped the canvas out. 

The setting on the sewing machine is for a satin stitch. it is a zig zag that is very close together.  For the elephant silhouettes, I searched google images and drew inspiration from some pictures, and then created my own by tracing into white paper. 

This is more or less what I wanted to make, so I traced the elephants on the paper. Each on a different sheath of paper.   I changed it afterwards to make a curved trunk for the big elephant, so it looks like mammy elephant is hugging her baby.
 I cut each silhouette and then I cut them out of the fabric I selected.

I used a satin stitch to make the ear shape and the little eyes.  Afterwards, I positioned them until I was satisfied. i ended up cutting mommy's trunk shorter. 
I sewed all around the borders with the satin stitch, using contrasting thread for each. 
When the sewing was done, I stretched over the wood frame and stapled it. 



Pink elephants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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