Friday, September 21, 2012

Rorschach Test T-shirt (Inkblot)

I made this T shirt a while ago, I think it is an easy technique that will look great in a mini skirt as well. 
You need a plain T shirt, fabric paint, a thin cardboard, and pins. I used a gift box for the card board. 

 Mark the center front top and bottom of the T shirt with pins. Fold the cardboard in half. You want the cardboard to cover the area that you want painted.
 Place the cardboard inside the T shirt and pin them together, matching the fold to the center front. Pin them together tight.
I used Tulip fabric paint, the neon pink has subtle glitter, FAB!!!!
Make the desired design with paint. Take into account anatomical landmarks, so you don't end up with strange looking boobs!!!!!

Fold the cardboard with the T shirt in one swift motion, press with your hands, and open quickly as well, without dragging the fabric.

Now repeat for every T shirt in your closet, in every color possible!!!!!!

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